KRB helps businesses and
individuals with a wide range of
business and corporate legal issues.

Our team, with extensive experience in varied corporate legal situations, will work with you and provide the legal representation your business needs.

our expertise

Our experience extends to:

– Purchase and Sale Transactions
– Auction Processes
– Cross-Border Transactions
– Management Buy-Outs
– Private Equity Transactions
– Venture Capital Transactions

As a firm with a transactional pulse, our experience and the volume of transactions we are involved in uniquely positions us to act for both purchasers and vendors in the context of mid-market purchase and sale transactions. With closing certainty being at the pinnacle of client concerns, whether pursuing a $1mm or $100mm opportunity, our team has the depth and resources required to match expectations with results.

Our experience extends to:

– Portfolio or Single Asset Purchase and Sale Transactions
– Development and Redevelopment
– Sale/Leasebacks
– Real Estate Fund Creation
– Real Estate Investment Structuring
– Leasing
– Notarial Services (Title, Servitudes, Land Assembly)

Our firm’s Real Estate practice group is recognized as a leader among a multitude of operator and investor classes. KRB focuses on providing strategic advice throughout the real estate deal cycle: identifying and troubleshooting issues before they arise, our solutions-oriented approach prizes deal-certainty while contextualizing risk.

Clients benefit from our firm’s active practice and broad network of real estate intervenants to achieve their objectives.

Our experience extends to:

– Corporate Finance (Lender/Borrower)
– Real Estate Finance (Lender/Borrower)
– Convertible Debt
– Alternative Debt Instruments
– Asset Backed Lending
– Subordinated Debt
– Intercreditor Arrangements
– Notarial Services

With a secured lending practice rooted in both lender and borrower side representative work, KRB clients benefit from significant experience across the lending spectrum (including real estate lending and corporate finance work), and from perspective which fuels our secured lending team’s ability to navigate complex problems to achieve creative solutions.

Our experience extends to:

– General Corporate Advisory
– Corporate Governance
– Incorporations
– Corporate Reorganizations
– Corporate Structuring (shareholders’ agreement, limited partnership agreements)
– Private Investments
– Commercial Agreements (services, supply, manufacturing, distribution, confidentiality)
– Non-competition, Non-Solicitation, Non-Disparagement Agreements
– Joint Venture Agreements
– Licensing and Franchise Agreements
– Acting as Local Counsel for all Canadian and Quebec Corporate Law Matters
– Franchising


– Fintech
– Hospitality
– Private Equity
– Retail
– Transportation
– Manufacturing
– Food
– Property Management

Our team is committed to putting our clients’ strategies into action through a comprehensive understanding of their business objectives and commercial realities. This context, viewed through the lens of highly competent attorneys with a depth and breadth of experience in multiple facets of corporate and commercial law, creates a relationship that extends beyond attorney-client into a business advisory role.

Combined with our significant real estate experience, our specialized experience in environmental matters provides our landlord/tenant, lender/borrower, owner, and developer clients with a fulsome appreciation of the environmental risks inherent in the consummation of their commercial transactions. We evaluate the legal environmental risks associated with the ownership or occupancy of, development or re-development of and the acquisition, divestiture and financing of contaminated sites. We also assist our clients with legal environmental compliance matters and with risk and site management following environmental incidents.

Our experience extends to:

  • Corporate/Commercial Litigation
    • – Contract Disputes
    • – Franchising Disputes
    • – Debt collection
    • – Enforcement of Security
  • Shareholder Disputes
    • – Shareholders Agreements
    • – Oppression Remedies and Derivative Suits;
    • – Enforcing Director/Shareholder Rights under applicable Corporate Acts;
  • Real Estate Litigation
    • – Commercial leases
    • – Latent Defects
    • – Construction law
    • – Enforcing Promises to Purchase
    • – Purchase and Sale Disputes
    • – Expropriation
    • – Servitude Disputes
    • – Regulatory Decisions (zoning, land use, RBQ matters etc.)
  • Condo Litigation
    • – Divided and Undivided Co-Ownership
    • – Syndicate/Co-Owner Disputes
    • – New Home Warranty Disputes
  • Extraordinary Recourses
    • – Safeguard Orders
    • – Injunctions
    • – Seizure before judgment
  • Mediation/ Arbitration
  • Labour and Employment Law Disputes
    • – Employer/Employee Side Representation
    • – Employment Contract Disputes
    • – Collective Bargaining Disputes
    • – Terminations
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
    • – Forced petitioning into bankruptcy (or defence)
    • – Interim receivership Matters
    • – Providing litigation support to Trustees
    • – Claim enforcement
  • Estate Disputes
    • – Probating Wills
    • – Navigating the Liquidation Process
    • – Contested and Uncontested Estate Matters
  • Administrative Law Matters
    • – Professional Orders
    • – Penal and Regulatory Infractions (SAAQ, CNESST, CTQ, RACJ, RBQ etc.)
    • – Municipal Law

Our experienced team of litigators services our clients in overseeing a variety of litigious matters; before, during, and following the litigation process. In line with our firm’s core values, our litigation professionals contextualize each litigious matter within our client’s business and commercial objectives. In this light, our clients feel secure knowing that all options, from settlement alternatives to the pursuit of legal proceedings before the courts, will be considered. Our team of litigators has experience across all Court and tribunal levels up to the Supreme Court of Canada and are supported throughout various mandates by KRB’s various practice groups to ensure the strongest technical foundation of any claim review and analysis.