1 May 2019

KRB Participates in Real Estate Mission to Israel

Chris Karambatsos will be attending the Federation CJA 2019 Real Estate Mission to Israel from May 19th to 26th. Led by prominent figures in the Real Estate community, Vincent Chiara (Groupe Mach) with the help of co-chairs Lloyd Cooper and Erik Langburt (Cushman & Wakefield), the mission was created with the intent of exploring the country and learning about its rare and historical landmarks. These include but are not limited to the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall, and its tunnels, Via Dolorosa, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mount Hertzl, the Israel Museum, Nazareth, the Dead Sea and Masada, to name a few.

One of the major draws of the mission is its keynote speakers. Shaul Arieli, otherwise known as the encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian political process, will be providing insight into the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Daniel Birnbaum, Chief Executive Officer of Soda Club Group, will address the Mission with his rich experience stemming from Nike Israel, Pillsbury Israel and Proctor & Gamble in the United States. Israeli entrepreneur Dr. Erel Margalit, famous for his hands-on mentoring approach, will present, as well as Dr. Michael Oren and Dr. Dadi Segal. Finally, editor-director Rotem Shamir will present, speaking on his background in the Arts and Film industries.

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