16 June 2020

KRB joins the Grouping of Independent Firms (RFSPI) for the revival of the Quebec economy

As deconfinement and the gradual resumption of activities are looming, more than a hundred Quebec-owned firms have come together to promote their expertise to Quebec decision-makers, who will have to make choices with serious consequences in the coming weeks crucial for the sustainability of their activities. In this perspective, this interdisciplinary and multisectoral grouping has launched firmesindependantes.com, a B2B service offer portal in order to increase its impact in reviving the Quebec economy, while promoting and rewarding entrepreneurship in the sector of professional services in Quebec.

Together, we bring together a full range of expertise and professional services to enable managers to become the leaders that the Quebec economy needs to get through this crisis.

Independent professional service firms with Quebec management and ownership are an essential link in the Quebec economy. They employ more than 127,000 people in structures of 10 or more people, and deliver nearly 12 billion services annually in Quebec. Investments in independent Quebec firms to provide quality services to local businesses not only benefit the health of the industry, but also have a multiplier effect on the recovery.

The spokesperson of the Regroupement, Olivier Laquinte, mentions that “currently, all Quebecers want to do their part to give a little air and a revival of life to the Quebec economy. Many initiatives have been launched and the RFSPI follows this line. Independent professional service firms claim to be present for Quebec and mobilized to support decision-makers. Beyond our own firms, there is the economic health of Quebec and this health requires strong entrepreneurship. ”


Bringing together more than a hundred independent professional service firms in accounting, public relations, communication, management, advertising, operations, recruitment, technologies, human resources, law and strategy, the RFSPI wishes to play a major role in reviving the Quebec economy. The RFSPI is a strong and unifying voice in the professional management and property services industry in Quebec. The RFSPI is a strong and unifying voice in the professional management and property services industry in Quebec.

For more information visit : firmesindependantes.com

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